What We Do: Restorative Justice Programs

Restorative Justice Programs

Restorative Justice is a term that encompasses any form of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of the offender through reconciliation with the community and/or victim(s). MCRC’s primary form of restorative justice is through Restorative Reflections/ Restorative Dialogues (RD/RR). This process allows a youth to reflect on their offense in a thoughtful way. Upon referral from one of our referring partners, MCRC screens participants then sets up a session with two trained facilitators. The youth then reflects back on the situation by thinking about: their feelings at the time, their feelings after the event, their reasons for doing what they did, how they can avoid a similar scenario in the future, and what they can do to make things more right. Youth almost always leave the session with a greater understanding of both their offense and themselves, and 88% of participants agree the session was invaluable.

Juvenile Diversion Program

MCRC, Inc. has a strong commitment to providing services for youth that encourage thoughtful consideration and accountability around their involvement in violations of codes of conduct and laws. Traditional methods of handling such violations include involvement with the courts and a juvenile record that may negatively effect a youth’s opportunities for employment and higher education opportunities. Allowing first-time juvenile offenders of low level crimes the opportunity to reflect upon and be accountable for such incidents rather than being led down the more formal trajectory of the juvenile justice system means fewer youth entering the school-to-prison pipeline described in the infographic below.



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